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5INBONEDRIZZ1   5" Baked Bones with Drizzled Yogurt Coating 1/EA $2.50
WPDBUMI   Būmi Tug Toy by West Paw Design
BARKNBISCUIT   Bark'n Biscuits $8.00/lb
BYOT   Build Your Own Treat! 2 lb Bag $22.00
DoggieDonuts   Doggie Donuts 6/PK $7.50
HappyDayBasket   Happy Day Basket
DOGSENSTEST   Healthy Dog Alternative Sensitivity Assessment $80.00/EA
WPDJIVE   Jive Dog Ball by West Paw Design
ORIGINALBAKED   Original Baked Treats 12 oz Bag
JERKY   Pawlee's Jerky Treats
ORGBAKED   Pawlee's Organic Grain-Free Baked Treats
PNOVSPRAY   Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea + Tick Repellent 8oz Spray Dogs & Cats $18.99/ea
PNOVWIPES   Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea + Tick Repellent Wipes for Dogs & Cats $13.99/ea
Rollover-Cannoli   Rollover Cannoli 6/PK $7.50/pk
SWEETPAWCHIPS   Sweet Pawtato Chips
SWEETPAWCHIPSCH   Sweet Pawtato Chips w/ Cheddar Cheese Coating
SWEETPAWCHIPSPB   Sweet Pawtato Chips w/ Peanut Butter Coating
WPDTUX   Tux Treat Toy by West Paw Design $16.25/ea
NEWPUPPYBSKT   Welcome New Puppy Basket
Boogey   West Paw Boogey $20.00/ea
WPDBMOUSE   West Paw Design Barn Mouse
WPDCATPILL   West Paw Design Caterpillar $5.00.ea
WPDDAZZ   West Paw Design Dazzle $7.00/ea
Ginger   West Paw Design Ginger
WPDHAIRBALL   West Paw Design Hairball
Hurley   West Paw Design Hurley
WPDMOUSE   West Paw Design Mouse
WPDRATATAT   West Paw Design Rat-A-Cat-Cat
WPDSALSA   West Paw Design Salsa & Baby Salsa
WPDSPRINGCHICK   West Paw Design Spring Chicken $15.00/ea
WPDTIZZI   West Paw Design Tizzi
WPDZISC   Zisc Flying Disc by West Paw Design

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