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The Pawlee's Team is made up of a unique group of characters. Although everyone has their own personality and background, they amazingly live in harmony. One would be lost without the other. Below you will see that each one has a story. Each dog has inspired us in so many ways and are the ones that helped us create our company. We could not have imagined our lives without them.

Jeremy Love (RIP)
Jeremy, a Dachshund mix, was rescued in September 2003 from Happy Hills Animal Foundation in Staley, NC. He was picked up by a sheriff's deputy named Jeremy. So Jeremy was named after his Hero. His back had been completely torn open by something. They took him in for medical care and had him stitched up. While he was healing we learned about him and decided to adopt him. It was love at first sight. Jeremy became our first "child" together and became a part of a new chapter in our lives. Jeremy was the most loyal and loving dog you could have. We had eight wonderful years of Jeremy being a part of our family. He would always nurture the others in the pack. He also enjoyed taste testing Pawlee's treats. Unfortunately, his health started failing in 2010 with severe hip dysplasia and other health issues. In January 2011, we were completely devastated when Jeremy passed away. The little brown dog in our logo represents Jeremy sitting on top of a baked bone with stars around him. He is deeply missed and we look forward to meeting him at the other end of the rainbow bridge some day.

Jasmine Marie
Title: Head of Quality Control
Favorite Treat: Apple Cobbler
Hobbies: Hanging out with her Momma and pretending to be a princess.

Jasmine is our Diva of the group. She is the only one that is not a rescue and came to us as a puppy in 2005. She is a full-blooded Boykin Spaniel and spoiled rotten to the core. If it isn't going her way, she will not hesitate to let you know it! She is head of quality control. She will let us know if the treat does not meet her approval. If it does, then we know we have a winner and better put it on the market. Jasmine loves getting attention and enjoys her "Spa" time. She loves to get massages, groomed, and nails clipped. It doesn't matter what you are doing as long as she is getting pampered she eats it up. She also has a favorite red ball from a couple of Christmases ago that she guards. No one else is allowed to play with it and it is the only toy that she likes. She also enjoys playing "keep away" with sticks. Our pack would not be the same without Jasmine. She keeps everyone in line.

Jackson Brown
Title: Chief Ground Patrol
Favorite Treat: Anything goes
Hobbies: Chasing squirrels and playing ball

"Jackie Boo" is a Chocolate Lab that we discovered in 2008 when donating a car load of food to Chesterfield County Animal Shelter in Chesterfield, SC. He was just an 8 week old puppy sitting in a pin with a few other puppies. Our eyes met as soon as we pulled up to the shelter to unload the food. He just sat there and kept his eyes on us the whole time we were unloading. After we were done, we went to talk to this puppy. He kept jumping up wanting out of the pin. We couldn't take him right then but I shook his little paw and told him we would be back for him. Before leaving the parking lot of the shelter we had him named Jackson. The next day we made the 4 hour round trip again to pick up Jackson. We have never regretted it. We have had more laughs out of this guy than any. You will have to ask him about the time he tore a gutter off of the house and pranced around the backyard with it or when he ate a dozen high fiber muffins with the wrappers on. He is just a big goof ball and very protective of his pack. He is the last one that comes inside of the house because he watches over the others until they are ready to come in. His title is Chief Ground Patrol which means anything that hits the floor is cleaned up right away. Sometimes he goes beyond his call of duty with his amazing counter surfing abilities. His favorite treat? Well... All of them!

Diego Rivera
Title: Founder of Mytee Minis
Favorite Treat: Turkey Pumpkin 'n Cranberry
Hobbies: Being Jasmine's Sidekick and part-time "Big Dog" impersonator.

Don't let those big brown, innocent Spanish eyes fool you. This little 5 lb pound Mini Man is a master thief! No job is too big for Diego Rivera. He has been known to steal a whole piece of pizza but luckily he was caught in time before consuming the entire piece. Diego came from a neglected puppy mill situation. A neighbor witnessed him being thrown against the side of a house and left for dead. When she ran over to check on him he was lying on the ground and appeared lifeless. She picked him up and rushed him to the Emergency Vet close by and reported it to the authorities. That is when a puppy mill was discovered inside of the home. All dogs were surrendered and Diego was just knocked unconscious from the incident. So after careful medical evaluation all of the dogs were put up for adoption. Diego actually went to two different homes before coming to us. He was really traumatized and had serious behavioral issues especially towards men. In August 2010, Diego's fate changed for the good. I (Jennifer) was contacted by a friend involved in rescuing the dogs from the puppy mill. She was aware that I have dealt with tough cases such as Diego. The lady that had him couldn't keep him. Even though I had three dogs that already kept us busy, I felt a strong urge to go meet this little guy. As soon as he was handed to me, he just laid his little head on my shoulder and seemed to be so much at peace. The lady that had him said she never seen him do this. I knew at that moment I had to help him. It was an instant connection. He had a tough time getting adjusted to his new home and new family. Everyday he progressed and made his own way here. The most crucial part of his rehabilitation was my business partner, Maloy. He has been patient with Diego at earning his trust. He has gone from attacking and biting him to jumping on his lap and nudging Maloy's hand to pet him. It has been an amazing transformation and we are so blessed to have Diego as a part of the family.

Sandee Mae Frye
Title: Head Taste Tester
Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter Banana
Hobbies: Giving Away Smooches and Pointing at Squirrels

"Sandee Girl" is a Lab/German Short Haired Pointer mix that we rescued from Bladen County Animal Shelter in Elizabethtown, NC. In March 2011, we discovered a website, www.dogsindanger.com, late one night. We were scrolling through and found her. Her name at the time was "Rolla". She was severely emaciated and was scheduled to be put to sleep the next morning. We had to help her. So we immediately emailed the volunteer that listed her on this website. We got in touch with the volunteer then next morning and begged her to get the shelter to give this dog a reprieve until we could make it there. It was a three hour drive one way. They agreed and we made the trip down there. When we met her she was just standing there in her kennel wagging as hard as she could with protruding hip bones and ribs from being starved to death. The ACO officer asked us if we were sure that she was the one we wanted. Without hesitation, I just looked at her and said "Let's go home Girl". As you can see in her picture above she is predominately black. We thought she was a Chocolate Lab Mix at first because she was so malnourished that her coat was a brownish color. We took Sandee to our Veterinarian the next day and discovered that she was also Heartworm positive. On top of that she really had a hard time adjusting to her new home. She suffered from severe anxiety. She would not sleep or simply relax at all. She would just whine and pace the floors all day and night or lick you to death. She was prescribed medication for this which did not help. This went on for a solid week. We were so stressed and sleep deprived by the end of the week that it made us physically sick. At this point we felt so helpless. We took her back to the Vet begging for help. We were advised that we may have to do the unthinkable because she was so far gone mentally. That was devastating to us because we did not want to give up on her and we had just lost Jeremy a couple of months prior. We saw so much potential in Sandee. She had so much love to give and just needed the right kind of help. We tried contacting animal sanctuaries all over to see if she could go live out her life more freely there. Everyone was full of course. The Vet said let's try one last thing to see if it helps. We gave her a stronger medication to make her relax and sleep. At last, something finally worked because she slept all night and so did we. The next morning she woke up as a completely different dog. She was calm and seemed so happy. We think that she was finally rested and realized everything is okay and I am safe here. We have had no issues ever since and she has been the perfect dog. She has put on about 40 lbs and is now Heartworm free after treatment. She is our big Love Bug and Jackson's best friend.