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Pawlee's Treat Co. is proud of our program, "Pawlee's Animal Rescue Relief" (PARR). Through this we give back to the animal rescue community. At this time we donate 5% net sales from each customer purchase to an animal rescue organization. To make this even more exciting our customers have the option to choose which participating rescue organization that they want to give back to during the checkout process. There will be an option on the checkout page that you will be able to enter the rescue organization's name that a portion of your purchase will go towards. There is no additional cost to you for the donation and no cost to the participating organization. It simply comes out of our profit. If you want to make an additional donation to the rescue organization please feel free to go to their website to do this. We have a website link for each participating rescue listed by State. We currently have over 500 animal rescue organizations on board with us Nationwide. You can find them by clicking on the "Rescue Groups" tab on the menu above.

If you are an animal rescue organization interested in signing up for PARR, please fill out and submit the form below. We will send you a confirmation email once we get your information processed and set up. Please let us assure you that there will never be any cost or obligation to your organization for participating.

PARR Registration Form

Organization Name:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
(We don't have to know the physical address. We just need a mailing address.)
Phone Number:
Your Full Name:
Your Title:
Your Email Address:

We can send your donation payments through Paypal or mail a check.
Please specify your preferred method of payment below and who it needs to be made to if by check.

Payment Method:
If you prefer Paypal please enter the Paypal account email address:

If you prefer a check please enter the name the check should be made to here:

PARR Members can access their donations at anytime by logging into their account at www.pawleesrelief.com. Please let us know what User ID and password you would like to use. Your password must contain a combination of at least one capital letter, one number, and one character. Example: Dogrescue1*

User ID:

Just one more step! We will place your organization's logo and website link on our website under the that State you are located in. We list the city and state only. We don't list your full address because we realize some organizations prefer to keep this private. We ask this because the city can be different than your mailing address above. If you are in multiple states then we will list your organization in those states as well. Please send a copy of your logo to jennifer@pawlees.com If you don't have a logo we will place a generic paw print or horseshoe (for equine rescues) in its place.
Website Link:
This can be your official website, Petfinder, facebook, blog, etc...

If you are in multiple states please list them below. If there are more than the boxes provided please list the additional ones in the comments section below.



Please enter the following code into the box provided: