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Pawlee's Treat Co.
Treat yours. Help others.

Pawlee's Treat Company was started with one important mission in mind. That was to offer pet treats made in the USA with safe, healthy, and wholesome ingredients while giving back to the animal rescue community. It all began with two brown dogs named Jeremy (RIP) and Jasmine. Like many loving pet owners we spoiled our four-legged babies with treats purchased from the grocery or pet store. We always thought we were making the best choices for them by purchasing well known, highly reputable brands that were "all natural" and safe. We noticed our older dog, Jeremy, would occasionally throw up a yellow foamy substance shortly after consuming a brand named chicken jerky treat. This went on for a while because at the time we thought he may have not chewed the treat well enough and it was upsetting his stomach or caught in his throat. It was not too long after that we noticed our second dog, Jasmine, starting to do the same thing. Again, we thought they were just inhaling the jerky instead of chewing it up so we started giving it in smaller pieces which seemed to help some but they would still have the reaction. Shortly after this, toxic chicken jerky from China started making headlines. We were shocked to find that we were giving our dogs this very brand of jerky that was under fire. We had no idea that it was coming from China and we were not alone by a long shot. We also found that other dogs were having the same symptoms as ours after consuming jerky treats. This made us lose absolute trust in these big name pet treat companies. So we took control of the situation ourselves buy making our own treats as well as cooking meals for them. Soon after this started we began making treats for other pets among our family and friends. We found a lot of joy in this and realized that we should start our own pet treat company. We had also three new additions to our little clan to care for named Jackson, Sandee, and Diego which are all rescue dogs. Yes, we are proud foster failures! Due to personally being involved in animal rescue for a long time we decided that our treats could help support animal rescue groups. That is when Pawlee's Treat Co. was born.

The little brown dog in the logo represents our beloved dog named Jeremy. He was a little brown Dachshund mix rescued from Happy Hills Animal Foundation in Staley, NC. Unfortunately, Jeremy passed away in January 2011. He was estimated to be around 17 or 18 years old. He was a very loyal member of our family and is truly missed by all of us. To read about Jeremy and our other four-legged babies please click here.

All treats are handmade with 100% human grade ingredients in Central North Carolina. Our ingredients are the same ingredients that you would buy from your local grocery store or farmer's market to prepare your own meals. We have done extensive research on ingredients that are healthy for pets as well as ingredients that may be potentially harmful. We choose to eliminate all grain from our products due to some pets being sensitive and allergic to these ingredients. Although these are not all bad ingredients we want our products to be safe for all pets. Any sweetness or flavoring comes straight from the fruit, vegetable, or meat used in our recipes. Please read more about our ingredients at this link.

We do not import our ingredients we do not purchase ingredients that have been imported from other countries. We stand firm behind our treats being 100% made in the USA due to some countries not sharing the same food safety standards as we do. There are many major pet food and treat brands in our stores right now and yes, even the major pet retail chains that stock treats made in China. Just look closely on the back of the packages. You will find it in small print. Please click this link for more detail on this subject.

When you purchase our products a portion of your purchase will be donated to participating animal rescue groups and shelters through our rescue program called "Pawlee's Animal Rescue Relief". This is the true meaning behind our slogan "Treat yours. Help Others." To make this even more exciting, our customers have control over who their donation is designated to. You can access this list of participating organizations by clicking on the "Rescues" in the above main menu. Rescues are listed by States. If you don't see your favorite rescue listed and would like to nominate them, please contact us. We will contact the rescue organization to see if they would like to participate. If you are a rescue group or shelter that would like to learn more about PARR please click here for more information.

Thank you for your interest in Pawlee's Treat Co.!

Jennifer McKay, Co-Owner
Maloy Frye, Co-Owner